New Skypax US Facility


We are excited to announce that Skypax US will be moving to a new warehouse facility to accommodate our growing business.


Please note that effective from May 1st, our warehouse address will change. You can view your new suite address in your account dashboard.




The new facility will be open to receive packages from May 1st.


We have transition arrangements for packages that arrive at the old warehouse address after this date, but please note there may be delays or risk of package returns for any package arriving at the old address after May 1st.


If you have particular orders you are concerned about please contact our customer service team so we can see how to best help you.


Suite Number


Your current suite number format looks like this: 317 – FXX100234567. The part after the dash will remain the same, but for the new address, the prefix will change from 317 to 110. So when entering your suite number in an address, it will look like this: Suite 110 – FXX100234567.


Your suite number forms part of the full address. Log in to your account dashboard to see the new address in full.




The new facility has a new ZIP code: 32809. The 5-digit code should be enough for most websites, but some might auto-fill the full 9-digit code 32809-7740.


Update Your Saved Addresses


Have you saved your suite address with any retailers or suppliers? Avoid accidentally placing orders for delivery to the old warehouse address by deleting or updating the saved addresses now.


Help! I’ve Accidentally Sent An Order To My Old Address


Please notify the retailer immediately as they may be able to inform the courier and redirect the order to the new address.


Contact our Skypax US customer service team who can advise further.