1. What cover does my consignment have?

  • All consignments are covered by our Standard Liability cover free of charge for loss or damage up to a maximum of $100 in value (per consignment not per box).
  • A claim can only be made against the declared value entered for an item when creating a despatch request.
  • If you wish to purchase extended liability you may do so by declaring the value and selecting 'extended liability' during the online despatch checkout.
  • The extended liability premium is calculated at 2% of the declared value, with a minimum premium of $5 providing $250 of cover.
  • VAT is additional where applicable
  • The maximum value we cover is $1,000 per consignment - please contact us if you require cover above this value
  • Standard Liability and Extended Liability Cover does not give cover for losses incurred by delay, or seizure by Customs.
  • The declared value should be the replacement cost of the goods, not the sale value.
  • Extended Liability Cover is not offered for Airmail shipments
  • Extended Liability Premiums are non-refundable once the despatch ticket has been created.


2. Are there any exclusions to Standard or Extended Liability?

Prohibited Items

Any items which appear on the relevant carrier's Prohibited or Restricted Items list are not eligible for our Standard Liability or Extended Liability Cover. Please click here for a general list or visit the relevant carrier’s web site for more information. 

Restricted Items 

Restricted items are covered by our Standard Liability and Extended Liability Cover only in the event of loss and NOT for damage. Please refer to our Restricted Item information. If you do send such goods we recommend that you arrange insurance yourself or if you are unsure if your goods will be covered please contact us.


Skypax will package all despatches to our high standards and leave original packaging where possible. Extended Liability Cover for damage is not available for consignments containing items that have been re-packed at the customer's request to minimise the volumetric weight


3. How do I make a claim?

Notification of intent to claim for damage must be made within 7 days of delivery (or 7 days from the date the carrier has deemed the goods to be “lost”) directly to Skypax Ltd. If an attempt is made to claim directly from the carrier this will invalidate your claim with Skypax. Claims can be made in writing by emailing us with the following information:


Damaged Goods

We will need the following:

  • A photograph of the damaged item(s) along with the packaging.
  • A copy of the delivery note signed "damaged" or "unchecked" – please note that we will reject any claim where the goods have been signed for "In Good Condition".
  • Proof of value. (receipt or purchase invoice). Note that we will only pay for the replacement value of the goods.
  • A repair quote or invoice/receipt for replacement parts (if applicable)
  • Both the damaged item(s) and packaging must be kept for inspection and not moved.
  • The damaged items must not be tampered with or repaired prior to inspection.


Lost Goods

We will need the following: 

  • Proof of value (receipt or purchase invoice). 

  • Note that we will only pay for the replacement value of the goods.A claim can only be undertaken once the Carrier had deemed the goods as “lost”.

Please note that it can take up to 8 weeks to process a claim and payout due to the internal investigation processes of the carriers concerned. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this period.